Glasco UV installs chambered wastewater UV disinfection systems to treat an extensive range of flow rates. Our chambered UV systems offer a chemical-free alternative to traditional systems by integrating low pressure UV lamps with flexible sizing.

Glasco has installed chambered wastewater UV disinfection systems since the 1980s. Our chambered systems are biologically validated at the Johnstown UV testing center by HydroQual, and all systems are designed to optimize performance and energy savings.

Chambered wastewater UV disinfection systems require precise configurations and piping layouts. For any system, the goal is to ensure a continuous flow of water in each chamber, preventing system overheating and reducing fouling.  

Glasco UV offers design flexibility with custom flange sizes and locations. Our systems meet flow rate requirements, with each chamber treating up to 12 MGD. Peak flow rates can be shared between multiple units while dimming addresses lower flows.

Our chambered UV systems are controlled by remote-modified NEMA 4x stainless steel enclosures that display lamp status, run time, and UV output. For plants that require remote operation and automated system cycling, a PLC system can work with a treatment plant’s computer systems.

Like other chambered UV systems, operational and maintenance responsibilities include system cleaning and lamp replacements (every 13,000 hours). In most systems, the glass-like tubes that protect the lamps (quartz sleeves) must be manually cleaned to ensure optimal performance. Our systems include a pneumatically or electrically driven quartz cleaning system that uses a wiper mechanism to remove buildup.

Manufactured in the United States with state-of-the-art UV lamps, our chambered wastewater UV disinfection systems offer a flexible design option for operators seeking a powerful and energy-efficient disinfection solution with a small footprint.


  • Electropolished 316L stainless steel vessel
  • Low pressure UV lamps (HO and Amalgam) 80 to 1200 watts per lamp
  • Automatic quartz cleaning
  • 150 psi (10 Bar) pressure rating
  • Flexible flange sizes
  • UV lamp monitoring
  • Remote stainless steel electrical enclosures
  • Lamp status and running time indicators