Wastewater Disinfection

Many wastewater treatment options require corrosive chemicals, which result in additional transportation, storage, and usage costs. Glasco UV offers an alternative: scientifically proven and environmentally sustainable UV wastewater disinfection systems.

Wastewater disinfection removes contaminants from our water supply, protecting consumers from potential illnesses and our rivers, lakes, and streams from excessive pollution.

Chlorine is the most widely used wastewater disinfection agent worldwide. Unfortunately, chemical treatments can harm the ecosystem, and higher chlorine concentrations can combine with certain organic compounds to create harmful disinfection by-products (DBPs).

UV wastewater disinfection offers a chemical-free alternative to chlorine and other potentially corrosive disinfection agents. As the EPA notes, UV light effectively kills most viruses, spores, and cysts and may even inactivate PFAs (forever chemicals).

Glasco UV offers UV wastewater treatment solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial customers seeking a safe, effective, and user-friendly alternative to traditional chemical systems. Our extensive experience, including 1500 installations worldwide, helps us tailor precise solutions to the varying needs of today’s wastewater treatment plants.

To learn more about our unique wastewater UV disinfection systems, including our proprietary UV NONCON systems, chambered UV systems, and vertical and horizontal UV systems, contact Glasco UV today.